Gisele Ganne, Jewellery Designer, Gisele Ganne

Gisele Ganne is a designer set to make serious waves on the British jewellery scene. Gisele’s day job is a senior designer at Stephen Webster, but in her spare time she is working on developing her own jewellery brand.

Her hero design – a bird skull ring set with pearls called the Divorce ring – has already become a hit with the glossy fashion magazines of the UK and Europe. “My new collection has been my biggest achievement this year,” says Gisele. “That and being featured in French Vogue. I’m French and have grown up with French Vogue so I was very proud of that.”

Gisele has focused on building her eponymous brand this year and has been busy pitching her collections to magazines and stylists, building relationships and with it her press folder, which is already fit to bursting after only 12 months in designing her own lines. “I’ve also been working on positioning myself in the jewellery world as I want to be known as a good jeweller,” she says. “Being nominated and part of this year’s Hot 100 will really help.”

Though Gisele says she has had problems with production, hand-making each piece in her studio, she’s looking forward to her next big project – a collaborative collection with fashion designer Emma Griffiths that will launch at London Fashion Week in late September.

With a keen eye on the year ahead, Gisele plans to work hard and make a name for her brand overseas. “I hope to be an internationally renowned jewellery and accessories business,” she says. “Maybe a year won’t be enough for that but I’m focused on that direction.”

When Gisele isn’t busy working for British powerhouse Stephen Webster, she finds herself at home creating her dark and brooding jewellery. “I work for myself on the weekend and some evenings. Let’s say that I am a workaholic and working for me is the way I relax,” she says.

With a holiday in Thailand in the pipeline, Gisele is finally taking a well-deserved break. It may be her first holiday in five years but, she says, she will still be on the lookout for new materials and new ideas while abroad.