Harriet Vine & Rosie Wolfenden, managing directors, Tatty Devine

While Tatty Devine’s founding duo Rosie Wolfenden and Harriet Vine sealed their place in last year’s Hot 100 Trendsetter section for their daring approach to jewellery design, this year they are back blazing a trail for completely different reasons – proving their mettle against the high street chains.

What started out as a few blog posts likening many of Tatty Devine’s handmade designs to cut-price versions in stores such as Claire’s Accessories soon escalated into Rosie appearing on national television – BBC’s Watchdog – to discuss the issues faced by smaller jewellery manufacturers versus the high street powerhouses imitating their designs. “The issue of high street copies was an enormous challenge as it is difficult emotionally when you feel a large corporation has helped themselves to your designs,” explains Rosie. “We overcame this by working incredibly hard as a team and with our lawyers to secure a successful outcome.”

During the process Tatty Devine had more than 2,000 Tweets regarding the blog post and was trending on the social networking site in the London area. “The reaction was overwhelmingly positive and felt harriet vine & rosie wolfenden managing directors, tatty devine like we had an army,” says Rosie. “After this reaction the media quickly picked up on it, and one thing led to another. TV is so powerful, and as a result our customer base has grown significantly, which is wonderful.”

From the experience Rosie says she hopes that it can become a positive case study for other designers out there. “No one should ever be allowed to help themselves to what is not theirs, and everyone has the right to stand up for what belongs to them.”

The brand has also been innovative in other ways this year, running a two-month pop-up shop in Selfridges and bringing its laser-cutting machines in-store to allow customers to see designs being made, as well as a personal highlight for the ladies – breaking the £1m turnover barrier.