Lilian Lousky, creative director, Tresor Paris

T resor Paris has become the phenomenon that consumers just can’t get enough of this year, and with all types of jewellery retailers up and down the country adorning their windows with its glittering bead bracelets, it has in many ways become the Pandora of 2012 and certainly a trailblazer in terms of rapid growth, being just more than a year old.

Naturally creative director of the Hatton Garden-based brand Lilian Louski recounts 2012 as a success. “Being appreciated by so many prestigious jewellers for an awardwinning, successful product and also having a huge fan following has been fantastic,” she says.

The brands’ rise to fame in the UK market has come fast, no doubt thanks to a little help from celebrities spotted wearing its bracelets including pop star Jessie J, actor Antonio Banderas and socialite Paris Hilton.

Has she found it a nerve-wracking time, leading a trend when consumer tastes could change at any time? “It feels fantastic to have contributed a loved product to the industry,” says Lilian. “It is a great feeling. I don’t know about nerve-wracking, but it is still a lot of hard work on my part and for my excellent team.”

But creating such a market-leading brand has brought with it some problems, namely that of counterfeiting. “As flattering as it may be to be admired and copied, it’s a pain,” says Lilian. “However, we have a good legal team that is ensuring that everyone knows the difference between Tresor Paris and the many imitators who have tried to create a similar look.”

Lilian wins inspiration for her designs through travelling – the name itself is said to come from the time her husband spent living and working in Paris – as well as her international upbringing and “the continued inspiration from seeing people’s reaction to my designs”.

Lilian is part of a well-known Hatton Garden jewellery family and says that having grown up in the diamond jewellery business she has learnt that hard work pays off. “Also I always think of the consumer as myself,” she adds.

Up next for the Tresor Paris brand will be collection expansions. It has already extended its lines into neckwear, rings, watches and even phone charms. “Tresor Paris already has a global presence which we are working to make it even bigger. We will ensure that our new watch collection has the same wow factor as our original designs.”