Mike Burns, MD, Pursuit Software

Pursuit aims to blaze its own trail with software solutions that are transforming the face of jewellery retail,enabling store staff to get out from behind the counter and interact directly with customers, which is why we are excited to support The Professional Jeweller Hot 100 Trailblazers, a varied group of inspiring characters.

The face of retail is changing rapidly, with technology transforming all aspects of the business from supply chains to stock control and customer relationship management.

We feel that harnessing the power of back end systems, and making their rich data accessible is the next great leap forward, and one that Pursuit is at the forefront of delivering with its Lifestyle software.

I hope you will find the stories of this year’s Hot 100 Trailblazers as interesting and engaging as I do. From myself and the Pursuit team, we wish all of you another successful year ahead and look forward to meeting you all.