It was tricky for the PJ team to decide where to place Alan Frampton in this year’s Hot 100. His inclusion was never in doubt, considering Cred Jewellery’s growth, industry participation and Alan’s personal success at promoting Fairtrade gold in the UK in the last 12 months. In the end we opted for Business Big Shots because of Cred Jewellery’s stellar 40% year-on-year growth in the fi rst half of 2015, but also Alan’s efforts to support mining communities the world over.

Sales growth has certainly ignited confidence in the Cred team, and Alan now plans to invest in more Fairtrade products using both gold and silver from established mines in South America and emerging mines in Africa.

“We have strengthened our design team and we have a number of high profi le celebrity endorsements and ranges in the pipeline,” Alan explains. “We are launching Fairtrade gold from Africa which will be amazing as there are a lot of press showing interest in what we are doing.”

When he’s not in the UK, you’re likely to find Alan in Peru, Uganda, Kenya or Tanzania developing the supply route of Fairtrade gold. He explains: “The system and availability is growing strongly, not just here in the UK but across Europe and Asia. As more consumers realise they can buy Fairtrade gold with a traceable supply route in the market we expect sales to grow exponentially.”

Alan gets away from the stresses and strains of supply chains and sales by walking his dogs along West Wittering beach or “hitting golf balls hopefully in the right direction”. He’s also a proud grandfather to baby Aalyer and is gearing-up to marry his partner next year. There’s certainly no standing-still in Alan’s world!