Scot and Andy believe in the power of good lighting to reduce costs, encourage customer dwell time and increase sales – and who doesn’t want that? The duo founded Parify to provide the jewellery sector, and many others, with high performance, reliable and energy efficient lighting, and it is certainly going well so far.

Following a successful year, the guys are looking to continue to innovate and develop new products, such as their new ‘Diamond Sparkle’ rotating LED system. Scot remarks: “Innovation is our driving motivator, and we will continue to innovate and bring new technologies and concepts to the industry. High volume isn’t our game, but high quality, bespoke solutions, delivered on time with industry leading support is.”

He continues: “Being selected for the Hot 100 has been a great recognition of our commitment to the industry. From the early days of Parify working in the jewellery sector, we developed a range of products that solved, and continue to solve, the problems retailers have. Our personal satisfaction taken from this success stems from the knowledge that we have helped retailers to increase their sales, thus ensuring their businesses thrive on the High Street.”