When Dinny Hall’s son Lorcan got in to a top university recently she thought, “I’ve done it, I’ve brought him up on my own and run my own creative business at the same time. Phew!”

Dinny has been proud of her son all the way through his life and loves spending time with him. She also enjoys baking bread, going on long walks with her dog and pottering around markets.

It is safe to say that Dinny Hall has experienced many highs and lows during her time in the jewellery industry, but her determination to keep going and pick herself up when things go wrong is certainly something to be admired.

Now, she’s celebrating the 30th anniversary of her eponymous brand, prompting Professional Jeweller to raise a glass and recognise her as a 2015 Trendsetter.

Of her achievements in the last 12 months, Dinny is particularly proud of her brand’s new website, created by an in-house team. She comments: “Your website is your portal to the world so through it we can communicate to the world — who we are, what we think, our design ethos and authenticity. If you look after your customers well, inform them, make your site pretty and easy to use then you can make some money online with jewellery.”

The brand’s concentration this year has been about thinking “what am I designing and for who”. This has led to Dinny reinventing many past collections for a new generation. “Over the next 12 months I hope to have ‘freshened up’ several of the most popular collections, some which have been selling steadily for decades,” Dinny explains. “I am also training a young designer to add a new spin on what we do best at Dinny Hall.”