It’s rare that one can call business negotiations a 12 month highlight, but when those negotiations lead to a shiny new premises it’s completely understandable. According to Dominic, Lumbers’ new 1,500sqm boutique on Leicester high street represents a new era for the retailer; both in terms of long term sustainability and short-term wow factor. He says: “It gives us space to express ourselves in two ways – firstly as a traditional retail jewellery, we can attract brands and give them the visibility that today’s market demands. Secondly, the extra space that we will enjoy upstairs in creating an iconic Leicester VIP area will drive the business to a higher level.”

He continues: “The events that we undertake on a regular basis in the shop serve to highlight our success. We held a dinner for clients last year hosted by Breguet. On the evening we sold a watch to 50% of the 40 invited clients resulting in £500,000 takings — I think that’s fairly successful!” As the owner of a family business, Dominic sees himself as a kind of retail custodian protecting the assets for the next generation. With this in mind, he spends his time playing games with his nine year old son, Freddie, and taking him to Spain with his wife Kim.

When it came to choosing his Hot 100 location, Dominic explains: “As Leicester changes for the future we came to the world’s attention as we held the re-internment of King Richard III into our cathedral. It was a time that brought the city together and made all of Leicester proud. I believe this has highlighted all that is good in our diverse population and culture. The new location shows that Lumbers is ready to transform itself and lead jewellery retailing within our boundaries for the next generation.”