Gaynor Andrews has been a member of staff at the Birmingham City University School of Jewellery since leaving as a degree graduate. Firstly, she joined as a part time tutor, before moving to a full time position. Jump forward to 2015 and she has developed several courses, worked closely with the jewellery industry through many collaborative projects, and earned herself the moniker of first female head of school at the institution. All of this and the School is celebrating its 125th anniversary… what a career indeed.  Now Gaynor’s focus is on enhancing the facilities and securing additional space to extend the range of courses on offer. Looking forward, she says: “The School of Jewellery is unique in its offering and we are currently creating a new Technology Hub within the heart of the building. I am looking forward to developing new initiatives with our state of the art equipment and working with students and partners to pursue innovative projects to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing technology.”  She continues: “I have always been passionate about the traditional skills of the trade but also find new developments in technology incredibly exciting. Our students are encouraged to learn the skills but also to open their eyes to the possibilities that technology offers.”  Alongside embracing technology Gaynor is also passionate about working with manufacturing companies and creating important links between education and industry. This is something she has always focused on during her career and will continue to emphasise in the coming months. She adds: “Hearing the success stories of our graduates and ensuring they find suitable employment is key to our reputation and longevity.”  When not at the school Gaynor enjoys the peace of the Cornish countryside and trying to improve her golf swing