Gary and Judith have embarked on a mission over the past 12 months to be a voice for those whose hard work leads to beautiful diamond jewellery.  Working together they have created Arctic Circle Diamonds, offering retailers and consumers the option of a fully transparent diamond brand. The ethical collection has a fully audited and clean supply chain from mine-to-market and was recently accredited with ‘being a brand that you can trust’ by Positive Luxury.  Gary says: “When Judith approached me in September 2014 and explained her idea, it took about fi ve seconds for me to agree to forming a business that totally fits with the values and ethics of what we believe.”  Judith explains: “Gary and I decided to have a soft-launch of Arctic Circle at the Spring Fair in Birmingham, to test the water and see if our branding, colours and ideas were on track.  “The trade show was not a soft launch at all, it was busy, it was positive, it was encouraging and we knew that we had something very special and needed.”  This fantastic picture was taken on a recent trip to Tanzania where Judith and Gary visited the miners who work in the first African Fairtrade accredited mine. For the duo the trip was life changing and only further enhanced their passion for ethical and responsible fine jewellery.  Judith laughs: “My other half thinks I am an eco-warrior, I don’t think I am, but where I can make a choice I do.” Gary adds: “Like Judith I am not an eco-warrior but when I changed my car recently I did opt for a hybrid electric/petrol car — would I have opted for this version a couple of years ago? Probably not. We are laying the foundations for the next generation if we all think a little different perhaps we really can make a difference.”  Judith has also had other reasons to celebrate this year, having been appointed sales director for Hockley Mint — the UK manufacturer of Arctic Circle.  Last year Judith ran her first halfmarathon and in 2016 she is planning to run her first full-marathon. Gary is a family man who loves coming home from work and sharing stories around the dinner table.