From presentations in Paris and London, to trunk shows in LA, Dubai and Shanghai and research trips to Tokyo and Hong Kong, it is safe to say jewellery designer Leila Kashanipour has done a fair bit of travelling this year. As her brand Leivankash becomes more international, Leila has had more opportunities to see the world and hopes this will help attract new markets and territories in the coming years.

To keep in touch with her customers domestically and internationally Leila is very passionate about social media and representing her brand online. She explains: “Social media and our online presence has been quite helpful towards the business. My brand is a direct refl ection of me as a person and I have been able to show that to a wider audience with the help of visual platforms such as Instagram.”

Entering the brand’s fourth year, Leila says her greatest achievements in the last 12 months have been making it into the Hot 100 and showcasing her designs at London Fashion week — an event that exposed the brand (and its new Oculus collection for AW15) to “a good crowd of key industry people”.

With all the busyness of starting a company, Leila manages to keep her home and work lives separate so she can enjoy them both fully. This isn’t an easy task and something that has taken Leila time to master.

She explains: “To be able to keep sustainability, balance, healthy growth and creativity both in my business and personal life is always challenging but I feel this year I managed to master it and it is certainly something I feel proud about.”