It’s apt that Phoebe has chosen a woodland setting for her profile picture as it reflects her best selling collection, Antler, which has been recognised for three awards in the past 12 months and spotted on Ellie Goulding and Nicole Scherzinger among other celebrities.

“It’s always an incredible experience to see an idea that came from my mind take solid form,” says Phoebe. “Although it’s been amazing seeing celebrities wearing my designs, it’s chancing upon strangers wearing my jewellery that has given me the greatest sense of accomplishment.”

Phoebe lives and breathes jewellery design, taking inspiration from the world around her, especially the nature right on her Sussex door step. She says: “I love designing so much that it’s in the way I see things. I’ll go for a run, read, swim, draw, walk the dogs, take pictures… all of these things will somehow lead me back to jewellery.

“Before starting my business, I got rid of my TV as that’s one less thing to take up time. I’ve always loved drawing and painting and I also love photography, but as it happens, designing and making jewellery is what grips me the most — it’s exciting and constantly throwing new challenges my way as my business grows.”

Phoebe’s latest collection Wild Strawberry has also been successful, securing 10 stockists following its launch at Jewellery & Watch Birmingham in February. Overall, Phoebe Jewellery’s portfolio of stockists has grown by 50% this year.

“This has raised the bar for the year ahead,” she explains. “Through a PR drive and the addition of more strong collections, I’m hoping to reach a wider market and secure some bigger accounts. This year’s success has seen me expand my workforce allowing me to deal with higher demand and I aim to continue that expansion going forward.”

With an array of designs from antlers and acorns to stars and strawberries, we look forward to seeing where Phoebe’s playful interpretation of nature takes her next.