This year marks the 20th anniversary of Pippa Small’s eponymous jewellery company — something Pippa says she couldn’t possibly have envisioned when she started making jewellery two decades ago. “It is a very humbling feeling to look back over the last two decades and see what we have achieved, with projects ranging from Bolivia to Kenya to Afghanistan and everywhere in between,” Pippa shares. “This year in particular, our biggest achievement has been launching our seasonal diffusion line with Turquoise Mountain, the Afghan arts charity. The experience of working with the craftsmen and women in Kabul as they aim to revive Afghanistan’s economy as well as their traditional crafts is truly inspirational.”

Pippa hopes to continue projects like these, not just in the short-term, but over the next 20 years. She adds: “I was really proud to launch the diffusion line, Pippa Small Turquoise Mountain. I have worked for eight years with the Afghan craftsmen and women there, but we decided to really push the collection now at wholesale, working as a distinctive separate collection which offers an accessible price point and a chance to stretch my design ability — as well as providing an outlet for the work the craftsmen in Kabul and I do together.”

Pippa also visited Burma this year as Turquoise Mountain has started a project to assist and revitalise the craft industry there. The designer has since been asked to identify a workshop and create a collection of jewellery in Burma so hopes to spend more time there in the next 12 months.

When her hands aren’t creating jewellery they are fi lled with her three year old twins Mac and Madu. She says: “Spending time with them is the most fulfi lling and exciting past time as we discover the world together.”

When she does have time to relax Pippa loves to ride horses anywhere she can, explaining that Rajasthan has the most beautiful Marwari horses.