In the past 12 months there have been two standout moments for Shona Marsh. One was completing a bespoke set of candlesticks for Garrard and the other was launching the Heather collection for Stubbs & Co at Baselworld — both showcasing how large and established companies can benefi t from working with external designers to create exciting new lines.

Shona says: “The most valuable insight I’ve gained over the last year from working so broadly across different projects is not to be pigeon holed into one category; that design talents can be transferred across many different disciplines. Each project feeds into the other. “My key aim over the next 12 months is to push the design and exposure of my products further and take my silverware into new arenas beyond the traditional.”

As part of Shona’s work for Stubbs & Co, she is constantly looking to push the boundaries on traditional bridal suites. For this, she favours quality of design over quantity, always launching no more than four new lines a year. Commenting on this year’s projects she says: “Each design had to have a unique and strong look that stood alone or it didn’t make it through the selection process. This honing down ensured we had a much higher hit rate per design which translated into good and consistent sales across all the suites.”

Shona has a very supportive family and friends who understand the stresses and work hours involved in running your own business. “Luckily for me they help in many ways from business advice to getting their hands dirty in the workshop. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today, they are as much involved in my company as I am.”

Shona is proud of remaining true to her goals and proves that if you work hard and focus you really can achieve anything you put your mind to. She comments: “There are points where you let doubt in but you have to remind yourself to keep going and keep focusing on the end goal and believe in yourself.”