“Our 2015 collections have been our most successful by far. I’m delighted with the reaction from trade and consumer press, our retailers and direct customers,” Sonia explains with a smile. It certainly has been a fantastic year for Clogau, with new launches doubling in size and offering a departure from its usual design style. This decision to shake-up its offer was largely down to mounting success (and space) in independent retailers, its standalone stores and on QVC UK and the newly launched QVC France. Sonia explains: “Creating collections that tick the boxes for wide ranging, general aesthetic and commercial appeal is a carefully calibrated process. Our jewellery portfolio has to evolve faster than the business in order to meet the opportunities and expectations of new retail partners, from international shopping channels to high street retailers, airport stores to the world’s leading airlines.”

Sonia joined Clogau fi ve years ago and she’s been a consistently smiley face at trade events and buyers’ meetings. Her fi rst challenge was to grow Clogau’s appeal beyond Wales, which she has done with aplomb. “We’ve analysed and evaluated every brand touch point and made it better. Now, we’re in a position where we not only have a stellar prospect list, we have people approaching us from all over the world,” she says.

As well as being proud of Clogau Compose and its success across the country, Sonia points to the sense of camaraderie and teamwork at Clogau as her working highlight. She comments: “Every person within the business is committed to making Clogau a success. I think it’s something you notice more in a family business. It’s an open and collaborative environment with clear goals and direction. Internal relationships matter as much as external ones. I feel that we all benefi t from extending each person the courtesy of listening to their opinions and sharing ideas.”

Although Sonia hasn’t quite found the perfect work-life balance, she’s a fan of restoring vintage furniture in her spare time and continues on her quest to find the perfect Grey Goose martini. For her Hot 100 picture, Sonia opted for the Kings Staircase at Hampton Court Palace where Clogau’s next campaign is being shot. She explains: “I manage Clogau’s relationship with Historic Royal Palaces and it’s a relationship that we’re incredibly proud to have. Clogau has a wonderful story and a unique association with British Royalty. This campaign truly brings our association to life and it’s a tremendous privilege to be able to shoot in some of the most beautiful palaces in the world.”