Fried eggs, gummy bears and waffles are just some of the shapes immortalised in Tessa Packard’s brilliantly fun fine jewellery collection, Fat Free — the follow-up to her equally enthralling No Smoke Without Flowers range. It’s been an incredible year for the designer, who has seen business boom alongside a fresh dose of collaborations, partnerships and events. Notably, Tessa was asked to guest design a collection for emerging Dutch diamond label House of Eléonore earlier this year, alongside being chosen as one of just two fine jewellers to be featured and promoted by international shopping service, Source Lifestyle.

Tessa comments: “I’ve always been rather keen on the idea of global domination, so it has been incredibly exciting to see the brand grow and go from strength-to-strength, both in the UK and internationally.”

When it comes to pinpointing the reasons for her success, Tessa believes it is her “perseverance and personal relationships that have counted the most so far”.

She adds: “You are only as good as your network and the effort you put in to maintain it, as well as your reputation. I have always valued the importance of face-to-face meetings, and as many of them as possible. I also believe implicitly in the importance of written thank you notes for anything and everything.”

Balancing work, family and friends is one of Tessa’s biggest challenges…as is putting her trusty iPhone down for longer than a few minutes. “I think you have to have a few burn outs in the beginning and while you’re still young to work out that ‘crazy-work- Tessa’ is not sustainable and that taking a day off is ok,” she explains. Out of work Tessa is passionate about art and harbours a secret desire to become a horse-riding cowboy in Wyoming.