Kensington Roof Gardens

The Hot 100 Venue

Kensington Roof Gardens is one of the greatest event venues in London. Perched on the top of a seven-storey building surrounded by some of the greatest landmarks in the capital, it welcomes WatchPro Hot 100 guests to a night of fun and networking under the night sky of a warm summer evening.
Kensington Roof Gardens offers both a stunning inside party space where we will reveal this year’s Hot 100 on two video screens, and a network of gardens themed as Spanish, English woodland, Tudor and wildlife.
5-star food and drinks are provided free of charge all night by the award-winning team from Babylon Restaurant.
For full details of tickets to the Professional Jeweller Hot 100 and sponsorship opportunities, please contact event director Daniel Malins on 020 3176 4225 or

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