Wendy Hallett founded her unique concessions concept in 1999 with the aim of helping emerging brands reach big name department stores. Now, as Hallett Retail, her company trades countless top brands in 49 House of Fraser stores across the country. In the last 12 months, Wendy’s innovative concept has continued to grow with “signifi cant growth from key brands such as Carat* and Ted Baker”. She continues: “Hallett Retail facilitates both large and established jewellery brands with innovative and fl exible ways of working. We also offer smaller brands the platform to showcase their products within the biggest store groups and most famous high streets in the UK.”

Hallett Retail is supported by Hallett Retail Logistics — a warehouse business purchased two years ago to provide a more complete service to Hallett’s brands and retailers. Wendy notes: “We can now offer services such as photography, processing and e-fulfi lment, opening up even more opportunities for our brands.”

With US-style trunk shows being used to put brands and designers in touch with their customers directly, Hallett Retail is pushing boundaries and certainly isn’t afraid to try something new. In the next 12 months, Wendy and her team will “continue to focus on jewellery, driving sales densities up on the key established brands while nurturing the newer ones for future growth”.

She continues: “In addition, we will have more focus on expanding our online presence with jewellery, working on better ways of translating the emotive connection the customer feels when a piece of jewellery is in their hands to a similar experience online.

When she’s not working, you’re likely to find Wendy cheering on her beloved football team, Arsenal, walking in the Yorkshire Dales with her two King Charles spaniels or relaxing at private members club Home House in London, the location for this brilliant picture.